Time is a Strange Companion

Time is a strange companion that follows us faithfully
And without us knowing, plunges us into Life itself
It carries us like lovers without passion and love
But follows us constantly – Delicately Continue reading Time is a Strange Companion


we slip away

Take what you need today
Take everything in me
And more before I fall
I won’t ask you why

No one needs to know
what happened today
before the sun sets
and the stars rises

What more could I say?
I’ll just close my eyes
and accept that I lost
as you slip away tonight

Note from a Poor Sap

No matter how I try to change, I can never be like one of them. You know, the kind who went to the right school and have the right kind of friends. The kind whose parents speak in clear and grammatically correct speech patterns. The kind who goes to Paris and New York just to admire the fucking flowers and enjoy the awful coffee and pastries. The kind whose friends and parents don’t know the difference between soccer and football but can tell you the difference between a Monet and a Warhol. Who cares?! They are the ones who goes overseas for holidays and doesn’t take shit from anyone. They are the ones who have people running around like headless chickens under them saying “Yes sir” “No sir” “Sorry sir” whereas the only time the rest of us hear those word is when we visit McDonalds or KFC. They are the ones whose kids lord over the rest of us poor uneducated souls with bad teeth and bad grammar and bad postures. We are the poor saps who listen to loud music and eat cheap food. Who doesn’t know how lucky we are to even have a job all thanks to them who are titans of industry. Who are ungrateful and unreliable roughs who only cares about fucking and drinking and gambling and sleeping. Well, who doesn’t love all of that? So what if we are uneducated, rough, stubborn and violent?  If we don’t can’t rise up, we will drag them to our level. They will be kicking and screaming in the mud. Just as we do not want to rise up to the light, they will not want to play with us in the mud. So no matter what they think, I can never be like one of them. Because I am not one of them and they are not me. And naturally it is and naturally it shall be, forever and ever. Note from a poor and fuck you sap.

Meet me by the corner

Meet me at the old cafe by the corner. Will you be there?
I can’t wait to see you even if we are only six weeks old
I don’t know why but you have something that mystify
You make me feel like saying that I am just a boy
waiting for a girl by the old corner cafe – melting
You know how I killed the pain? Got nothing but time
Passing me by as I imagine our bodies up to the sky
with nothing but chocolate, coffee and cigarettes
spending time with our silly smiles and giggles
waiting for you and nobody else – in my mind
waiting by the old cafe growing old with you
I am by the old cafe – will you be there?



Night Train

beneath the twilight mausoleum
is a face you always see a face
that fades under the pale light
faces that do not choose to be

slipping right through are faces
that slide quietly without melody
passengers dim and ashen in spirit
grasping for something out of time

resisting new pleasures and pains
resisting nothing but a consent for
the night train and silent dreams