Whisper kisses

Your kisses are whispers
whispers that burns
painful memories
of our fiery nature


Cloudy Someday

I wait for the black fog to arrive
To see if it is a cloud forming
Or vanishing over the skyline

I will wait in the blue shade
Not knowing its narrow ways
Or its marches over the pass

But I will stand with what I have
Of a vigilance that never fades
Waiting to slay the black fog
That bears my very name

other people words

we are defined
by others as
they judge how
we live and die
by their words
how we use our
bodies and minds
laugh and cry
dance and stare
sit and stand
all defined
by other people
words. all words
nothing more than
useless words
fearful of our
light and being
fearful of our
flight capable
to reach any
stars we desire
but they are only
words. white noise
burdened by fear
as we are only
really defined
by our own words