Water Sprout Love

Tell me your secrets

whisper them into my ear 

closing the space between us

they are forever mine now 

Another Day, Another blue sky 

Another nothing day 

Another nothing sky 

Another moment in time 

Another memory in life 

So be it then, passing moment

Another day, my little sky 

Acting Actors

I want to be an actor 

Scratch that – I want to be important 

Scratch that – I want to be famous 

Scratch that – I don’t want to be 

                      ignominious me

I want to be an actor

passing station 

I love sitting in trains 

moving through the city 

bright lights blinding 

the faces of strangers 

people I will never know 

shutting out their noises 

fencing off their prejudices 

Yeah, I like sitting in trains 

Circle Money

When I was younger, I had no money to spend. I thought it was only an abstract concept. But as I grew up, money became real to me. It became more real than my friends, my colleagues, and my loved ones. I was born without it but I am shaped by it. If money runs the world, then my life operates round it. I work for it, is judged by how much I have of it and finally I am defined by it. The interrelationships that binds me with others is dictated by the amount of money I have and the amount of money they have; and as I became the moneyless; I become a nothing. 

we slip away

Take what you need today
Take everything in me
And more before I fall
I won’t ask you why

No one needs to know
what happened today
before the sun sets
and the stars rises

What more could I say?
I’ll just close my eyes
and accept that I lost
as you slip away tonight

illusion room

This room is all I have
of our forgotten laughters
and half-remembered dreams
counting down to an illusion
of a future that died before
we could live them in time