Q 18 – Kanye West

“I refuse to accept other people’s ideas of happiness for me. As if there’s a “one size fits all” standard for happiness”

Kanye West


Time is a Strange Companion

Time is a strange companion that follows us faithfully
And without us knowing, plunges us into Life itself
It carries us like lovers without passion and love
But follows us constantly – Delicately Continue reading “Time is a Strange Companion”

turns and leaves


there he is

tight jeans

blue shirt

cafe latte


there she is again

staring at me

rosy cheek

glowing skin

short hair

white top

blue jeans

he sees her

seeing him

he waits

five mins

She waits

five mins

his cafe latte arrives

her mocha arrives

he waits

waited too long

she turns


Temper tide

Let prosperity judge the full measure
of your dedication and passions
to the task of binding a nation
against the temper tides
to be seen building a happy home
filled with hope and happiness