other people words

we are defined
by others as
they judge how
we live and die
by their words
how we use our
bodies and minds
laugh and cry
dance and stare
sit and stand
all defined
by other people
words. all words
nothing more than
useless words
fearful of our
light and being
fearful of our
flight capable
to reach any
stars we desire
but they are only
words. white noise
burdened by fear
as we are only
really defined
by our own words


Bad Idea

We were simply a lie
a bad idea burning
all things in our wake
I was wrong to return
should have let us rot
knowing now we were
just a pair of left overs
tainted with disgrace
echoing in the flames


I return shameless with his cologne
thought I had worked it all out
thought we could make it work

You rightly replied it was a lie
remembering our fights
in the fire and ashes of time

You knew we were a bad idea
a fire that cannot be tamed
burning everything in its way

I was mistaken to return
without pride to reclaim
a love too late and gone

You stopped to wave goodbye
to the lover you once wore
with a smile sailing through
forgetting a scent now mine to hold