The Awesomeness of Moneyball (2011)

While Moneyball (2011) tells the remarkable story of a underdog baseball team overcoming the odds to become championship contenders, the “real” story for me is the lesson of using statistics and analysis to derive value from things.

I am no statistician or numbers geek. But this scene shows that it is possible – with time and data – to cut through nonsense and noise by understanding what is it that you want to achieve and how to get there?

To me, the scene is about how a team wants to win: – so instead of buying players in terms of branding or reputation, they buy wins ( players who get them certain things in order to win)

For a layman like me, it means that reputation and branding may be important but sometimes it is important to cut through to core questions of what that thing is and how it will get me what I want, and if it is over or under value.

For those who don’t have much like me, always use stats and data to study and analyse for quality but undervalue items.

It can be going to a school, getting a degree, an unconventional job, housing option or even stocks and shares.

Using stats and analysis can help us to get what we want.

This scene makes numbers not something abstract and forbidding but concrete and accessible. Awesome.



点球成金 (2011) 是一部2011年棒球题材的美国运动剧情片. 这部电影展示了使用统计数据和历史来理解某些东西价值的重要性。 故事表明我们必须分析和比较该对象的真实价值。 我强烈推荐这部电影。



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