Kryptonian Society in Singapore

Let’s not dodge the issue. Singapore is a deeply elitist and stratified society.  It has to be. The best becomes part of top leadership. And the rest follow.  This is seen in the way students are streamed in schools, the way young men are structured in doing national service, and the way in which students from national universities are given priority to top jobs.

It is only fair.  But the key is that everyone’s development is different from each other.  So the key in Singapore is that your future depends on the actions of a person before the age of 17 years old.  But that is the way it has to be.

Singapore does have a place for the unexceptional youth and that place is preconceived for them by the leaders. Now, according to one’s abilities approach to society is the best form of placing everyone in their place.  To be efficient.

Everyone has their own purpose and place in society.  That is the condition of the Kryptonian Gene in Singapore.


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