How can we be nobler with Nietzsche’ sense of nobility?


For someone who has always been interested in philosophy but has never taken a philosophy course, it can be daunting to read about it. Where to start would be the first question. And once started, the dense material and history is enough to scare you to death.

But Mr Nietzsche is someone that I have partially taken to over the past few years. Mind you it’s not easy to read and understand his thoughts and writings. But what I like about his work – especially his concept of nobility and morality – is the idea of individualism, reflexive thinking and pursuing excellence.

The nobility myth

The above is a good read about his concept and line of reasoning. And what I particular take out of it is the idea that philosophy should not be something abstract and metaphysical but also eminently practical and life-changing.

So I suppose what I can say is this: – be excellent and be curious.


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