Poetry: Warmer Upstairs

Warmer Upstairs

I feel cold. Are we there yet Papa?
No, we are still far away.
Can’t we stop Papa?
Not just now.
Oh, why not?
Come now, stop this.
But where are we going?
You will see when we get there.
Is Mummy waiting for us over there?
Yes. She is and we will be late if we don’t hurry.
I can’t wait to see her. Why did she not wait for us?
She wanted to go first and make everything nice for us.
I hope she isn’t angry anymore. Can you tell her that I am sorry?
Of course she is not angry. In fact, she cannot wait to see you again.
But she was crying Papa. I wish I could tell her I am sorry.
She was just tired, that’s all. She wasn’t crying.
I didn’t mean to shout at her. Will Nana be there too?
Yes I think so. Nana and everyone.
Do you think she miss me Papa?
Of course she does, silly boy.
Papa, don’t you feel cold?
Keep the blanket on you.
I don’t feel so cold now.
You keep it on.
I’m so sleepy.
Not yet my boy.
But I am tired. Please?
Open your eyes my dear.
Just a few minutes?
It’s not your time yet.
You are the best Papa I know.
And you are my dear boy
Let me rest. Just a little while?
But Nana is waiting.
Tell her that I am tired
So is Mommy.
Just for a while, Papa.
All right, just for a while.

*To the little boy who slept as the waves came to shore. (2015)

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