War of Firelight

Some men stay to watch as the fireworks light up the sky
As it was years since they had arrived by the same light
Showing the men and women in the worth of their world
Saying a thousand words to welcome a perfect tomorrow
And a beautiful dominion to become soon and hereafter
Whipping the skins of their drums with pleasure and bliss

The seeds of tyranny are echoed in the songs of the fallen
And the songs of the fallen are echoed in generations since
But pay attention to the abandoned and agitated multitude
Of a circle of history eternally returns to act as harbingers
With no escape possible from an inherent cyclic violence
A natural appetite crying for maleficence and malediction

Men love playing a game of infirmities and judgments
Conjuring up a history of golden men in a golden time
Laying the foundations for the joys of an perfect future
Giving no solutions to the burdens of present grounds
Crying out for the joys and pleasure of a here ever after
Taking Life in the wake of a fire that consumes its own

The destiny of the unmarked covers the barren landscape
Lonely and glowering in the darkness waiting to be heard
To the dirt and mud and the dust that nourish our bodies
And no grounds let untouched by the spilling and splash
By the bodies and flesh left behind as they are sent back
Hurling towards an ending that burns brightly in the sand

With the stars and the moon and the beasts laughing
And pitying at how close we are at kissing the ground
With nature laws governing our sanity and knowledge
Erasing the thought of life with our common senses
Leaving us watching daze and humbled by the firelight
Rising gently against the rumbling of the unnamed fields


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