White Desert in the Night

Under the eye of Farafra

I follow the little prince
Under the haze of the night sky

Travelling to the white desert
With nothing but half of a dream

Of something yet to come
And a life not yet lived

But there is nothing there
But the sun and the moon and cold sky

Of silent winds and blinking stars
Of the dark fabric

Of a desert white and wide
With odd rocks and limestone heads

Under the eye of the moonwalker
I dig for the treasures of the sand

But there is nothing there except
Lost wanderers and hapless searchers

Of unfilled lives and half dreams
And the bodies lost to the mud and sun

I asked the little prince to slow down
Before we drown under the cold sky

But the sun is rising and before long
The cold will melt away, the sky will turn white

Until then we head East, beneath the open stars
Dreaming of a half-life and a half dream

And all that is in-between


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