tyrant’s right

The demos are coming
From the easterly winds
they come upon the western isles

The word is out out and out
they go and if anything else
is never they be in

What filth, in shapes of yellow, brown and tan coveting these proud lands

The demos are here
And they will take away
what we hold dear

They do not love
They do not fear
They do not bleed

They are they and we are we
And never the bridges shall bring us to be

The demos are coming
By waves of the dry and parched
in the wind and the air

The word is fight fight and fight
they will go and if anything else
is never they be here

What filth that comes from the muddy shores of the forsaken lands

The demos are coming
Underneath our pure hills
and over our sacred waters

The word is let them sink
and if anything else is never
they be heard

What filth lies eternal in our waters and rotten the lands of our republic

The demos are coming
And they are never to be near
The abundance of our lands
is not fitted for their fears

Our word is the word
and our sound and fury
will not be the last

The demos are coming and soon they will be here.

*my cynical and sarcastic response to the harsh and toxic political language in response to refugees, migrations and the other.

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