Eagles from the East

“Come play with me”, says the fox to the eagle from the east.

“No, I’ll shan’t,” says the eagle to the fox.

“Why not?”

“I can’t say,” replied the eagle.

“But it’s such a lovely day.”

“I’m afraid I suppose.”

“What of?”

“Not sure really.”

“Is it me then?”

“I suppose so.”

“Because I’m a fox?”

“Never thought of it that way.”

“Well then, come on down then.”

“I suppose I could play with you.”

“Yes, please do.”

“What shall we play?”

“The usual, I suppose.”

“Not very fun that.”

“You can catch me and I will run.”

“But I can fly and you can’t.”

“That makes it fun.”

“Run along then. I will fly and you can run.”

“What will you do then?”

“I suppose I will try to catch you.”

“And what would I do?”

“Run away dear fox. Run away.”



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