Poetry: Wasted Afternoon

Go cry about it – Why don’t you?
I felt dirty in begging for more
Nothing was enough to anchor you
For dying breath can’t hold you

You were the one I tried to draw
Pretending to remain in our lives
But you sailed through in the haze
And wave to say goodbye

And I found you wasted no time
Dancing with another man
Worried about no rainy weather
Leaving as fast as you can

I knew you wanted more from me
But you keep me from the light
Kept me from breathing the air
Kept me from shining bright
I knew you were a bad idea

And you rightly told me so
I thought I had it all worked out
But I was burning up inside
You were the fire of my soul
You were the love of my life

But now you crossed the line
So remember me before you go

* The above poem was assembled from lines taken from several of John Mayer’s songs.


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