Strange Immigrants

I am a strange citizen
lost in a world indifferent
to strangers and immigrants
but consenting only to labour
and toil and serving the hosts

I am struck down by a lull of fear
made suspicious and doubtful
earning wages behind closed fences
made strange into an unfamiliar shape

My presence is no more than a mistake
where my flesh and sweat are insufficient
to break that strangeness that binds us
Against which there is no respite

But I bear no ills in this imagining
or relinquish myself under fear
or wilt under the nightsky
amongst the fire and bullets

Yet every morning and every night
I bear the wrath of circumstance
of the night stars and cold winds
holding on to my strangeness
Where Happiness, I patiently wait


Don’t bring me down

it’s not a silly little moment
how dare you say it’s nothing to me?
because you can’t understand
if this will last forever

was there a second I looked around?
dancing in a burning room?
or know that I’m doomed
or to throw it away?

but I will pay no mind
You try to hurt me because you can
has taken better men than me
keep me where the light is

you want to bring me down
but you ought to know
I will not be thrown around

fly back 

Tell me when will you fly back
what time which terminal
my heart can’t spend a minute
more without you by my side
would you like flowers?
or just kisses?

tell me your flight number
what day which month
because you have my heart
in your pocket. beware

send her home. quickly. now.

Meet me by the corner

Meet me at the old cafe by the corner. Will you be there?
I can’t wait to see you even if we are only six weeks old
I don’t know why but you have something that mystify
You make me feel like saying that I am just a boy
waiting for a girl by the old corner cafe – melting
You know how I killed the pain? Got nothing but time
Passing me by as I imagine our bodies up to the sky
with nothing but chocolate, coffee and cigarettes
spending time with our silly smiles and giggles
waiting for you and nobody else – in my mind
waiting by the old cafe growing old with you
I am by the old cafe – will you be there?